Privacy Policy

One of the core features of TeamTime is privacy of your data.

Below is a listing of everything that we do store, never store, and what we
track for analytics purposes.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your data or anything else related to TeamTime, feel free to contact us at

Full Privacy Policy

This document describes how we collect, use, and share
 your personal data.
Please, read this Full Privacy Policy document if you need
 to get detailed help.

What We Do Store
Your time logs
Your Basecamp IDs
Billing contact information
What We Never Store
Your Basecamp data
Payment information
What We Track
Basic app performance
Third Party Services We Use
Basecamp logo
Baseecamp API

For fetching your Basecamp data 
to display them inside the app. These are never stored and are discarded when you close the app.

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Stripe logo

For billing and subscription management — only Stripe has your 
payment info.

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Firebase logo

For tracking basic app performance,
detailed error logs, statistics and sending time log notifications.

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