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TeamTime was created by Clear Blue Design, a Louisiana-based software development agency.
At Clear Blue Design, we take software product ideas from napkin sketch to launch. We love designing, implementing, and launching new products for our clients, partners, and occasionally for ourselves. TeamTime is one of our own products.
Yet Another Time Tracker,

for Basecamp, but Done Right
We’ve tried pretty much every possible time tracking solution that claims to integrate with Basecamp. You can see lots of them here: Basecamp 3 Integrations.
There are obviously even more general purpose time trackers out there. We’ve tried some of them as well.

We’ve noticed that all the time trackers that we tried have some or all of the following issues:

No true, live Basecamp integration: They force you to create yet another account. Their Basecamp integration is either a one-time import or their syncing is often delayed/breaks. Many time trackers target many different project management tools, claiming they integrate with everything, but they end up doing none of the integrations the right way.

User experience is too complicated: It takes 3–4 clicks to enter one time log (if the projects/
sub-projects are already configured). Worst case, you have to configure the project and minute
sub-categories under it before being able to enter a basic time log. Many time tracking solutions
are so badly designed that they are disorienting and completely unusable.

Bloated features and insane pricing: Sadly, time trackers with the best user experience also have a ton
of features only marginally related to time tracking (expenses, location tracking, billing, scheduling, etc). Bloating their core product, founders justify charging $7–15/user/mo, which just doesn’t scale if your team truly only needs to track time at the high-level and you’re already using Quickbooks,
etc. for various other functions. At some point we were paying ~$100/mo for our team, which
is not much in the big scheme of things, but is simply unjustified for time logs.

Privacy & Security is an afterthought: Some time trackers take pride in tracking everything about their users, including location, browsing history, and screen recording. Many don’t go this far, but are still unnecessarily storing lots of the data they import through Basecamp or other third-party integration. Basecamp founders have highlighted many of the issues with these in their recent blog post: Employee-surveillance software is not welcome to integrate with Basecamp. A true Basecamp integration should not require you to create yet another user account or to grant unfettered access to all of your Basecamp projects, todos, messages, etc.

After tolerating third-party time trackers for a couple of years, being a product design & development shop, we finally invested some time and resources to create one that addresses all of the above issues:
True, live Basecamp integration

No new accounts to create, nothing 
to sync, nothing to configure.

Zen user experience

Log time to any of your Basecamp Projects (and optionally Todo Lists) with 1–2 taps.

Sane pricing

FREE for 3 projects/3 users, forever. 25/mo flat, unlimited projects & users.

Total privacy & security

We securely store the bare minimum needed 
to keep track of your time logs, nothing more.

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 a personal walkthrough of TeamTime?
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