Why TeamTime?
Time tracking should be simple and seamless, it shouldn't complicate your workflow.
Smooth Basecamp Integration

Sign in with your Basecamp credentials and start logging time to your projects and todo lists.

Friendliest User Experience

Log time to your Basecamp projects and todo lists with just a couple of taps.

Sane Pricing

FREE for 3 projects/3 users, forever. $25/mo flat, unlimited projects & users.

Track Time Anywhere

Track time using the mobile app, website, browser extension (coming soon)
 or desktop app (coming soon).

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly working on making TeamTime simpler, smoother, and more helpful 
with tracking your time.

Total Security of Your Data

We securely store the bare minimum needed to keep track of your time logs, nothing more.

See How TeamTime Works
TeamTime is not a fundamentally new service. But it does make time tracking process easier and more efficient.

You don’t need to create a separate account to use TeamTime – just use your current Basecamp profile.

Switch between Besecamp accounts you’re associated with, log to any of your Basecamp Projects and Todo Lists and invite your teammates with a single tap.

Log time at various levels of detail, depending on your company and project needs, review your time totals and export all of your time logs as CSV.

If you're an admin, log time for your employees, review time across your whole team, export all of your team's time logs as CSV, review and approve your employees' time logs, keep track of the payments you've made to your them.

Log time from any platform that works best for you: iPhone, Android, Web, Browser Extension COMING SOON, Desktop App COMING SOON.

COMING SOON Use Quickbooks and Xero integrations for billing and API and Zapier plugin for custom integrations with your tools.

More than 200 Companies use TeamTime to Track Time
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